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How we work.

If we, at Avistar Business Advisors, become convinced that your company is a good prospect for recovery, we would be willing to take responsibility for achieving the management turnaround. We say, "take responsibility" because we would do this work hands-on until the results are demonstrated.

In addition, if the client and Avistar Business Advisors can agree on an action plan and a fair results-based fee, we would do this work without your company having to spend large sums on turnaround fees before results are achieved. Naturally, we would accept to work on that basis only if we have good reasons to believe that our efforts for the client company will be successful. Therefore, we need to investigate the situation for ourselves. And yes, we expect to earn very good compensation when we achieve the results. Therefore, your company cannot be very small. And yes, we will need a written contract, to protect our investment in your company.

Simply put, if your company needs a management turnaround expert, you have found one, that is not only very skilled at doing turnarounds, but honestly offers the best terms of payment in the industry. We assume a very large portion of the risk in our compensation by delaying the lions share of the payment for services until success has been shown. That shows just how confident we are in our abilities to help you and your business.


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